Official AC: City Folk Trading Thread

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    Nov 16, 2008
    I often have found myself looking to post around looking for particular items and I have found it difficult to get the message out in the friend code or the general forum for AC: City Folk so I figured it was about time we had our own thread !

    Posts are as follows:

    Name in AC:
    What your looking for:
    What you will give in return:

    Use this forum for hooking up to trade or sell items. When someone successfully trades with another person, please PM me and I will add their name and FC to the original post so others will know they are trustworthy.

    I will begin

    Name in AC: Janye
    What are you looking for: Harvest Mirror and Harvest Sofa from the Harvest set. Looking for forest flooring and TV from Mush Set.
    What you will give in return: Bells or trade one of the extras I have for this set. Please PM me if you have anything as well as what you would like in return.

    See, not hard. Let's create a good trading environment for AC !
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