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    I tried numerous version of the backup loader, but I still do not have any luck with a particular set of codes on Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. I am trying to use the weapon creation codes. . When I put one, it boots perfectly, but when i put more, the game hangs at a black screen. My question: did anyone try these codes and have success? Thanks.
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    EDIT Darn didnt completely understand haha im tired. sorry..
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    I could give you a possibility onto why it would hang when more codes are used, and that's because there's a limited amount of lines you could only used for codes. I've just remembered that when strolling around the usbgecko forum.

    I've personally haven't burnt Fire Emblem, so... sorry.
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    how bout if we enable the code via usbgecko? would it be better?
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    Partially what d0nut said, also there are codes that will cause issue with one another. try different combination of codes. Some codes will not work with any other codes (memory conflicts) some codes will cause freezing if they are trying to alter memory that hasn't been accessed yet (for example unlimited ammo for all weapons when you haven't gotten weapon x yet) Some codes will freeze if your forcing a region, others will freeze because of slight differences in the memory handling by the custom ios. I'm sure there are other reasons, but these are the only ones that come to mind at the moment

    EDIT: And some codes will freeze if there are any gamecube controllers or memory cards present.
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    Yea, I actually have a question about this. I created some button-activated codes for Item creation that, as far as I know, should work:

    For use with Gamecube Controller:
    All Items in Convoy are Blessed (L,R,Z)
    * 283D78AE 00000070
    * 083E9224 27100000
    * 412b0028 00000000
    * E0000000 80008000

    Sothe Item Quantity 200 All Slots: (Y+UP)
    * 283D78AE 00000808
    * 0088A180 000000C8
    * 0088A1A8 000000C8
    * 0088A1D0 000000C8
    * 0088A1F8 000000C8
    * 0088A220 000000C8
    * 0088A248 000000C8
    * 0088A270 000000C8
    * E0000000 80008000

    Sothe: Stat Items Pt 1 (X+Left)
    * 283D78AE 00000401
    * 0288A17E 00003D50
    * 0288A1A6 00003DA0
    * 0288A1CE 00003DF0
    * 0288A1F6 00003E40
    * 0288A21E 00003E90
    * 0288A246 00003EE0
    * 0288A26E 00003F30
    * E0000000 80008000

    Sothe Stat Items Pt 2 (X+Right)
    * 283D78AE 00000402
    * 0288A17E 00003D00
    * 0288A1A6 00003F80
    * 0288A1CE 000044D0
    * E0000000 80008000

    Sothe All SS Weapons (X+Down)
    * 283D78AE 00000404
    * 0288A17E 000002E0
    * 0288A1A6 00000970
    * 0288A1CE 00000E70
    * 0288A1F6 000012D0
    * 0288A21E 000019B0
    * E0000000 80008000

    Sothe All S Weapons (X+Up)
    * 283D78AE 00000408
    * 0288A17E 00000290
    * 0288A1A6 00000920
    * 0288A1CE 00000DD0
    * 0288A1F6 000010A0
    * 0288A21E 00001960
    * 0288A246 00001460
    * 0288A26E 000018C0
    * E0000000 80008000

    Sothe All S Tomes & SS Staves (Y+Left)
    * 283D78AE 00000801
    * 0288A17E 00001AF0
    * 0288A1A6 00001D20
    * 0288A1CE 00001F00
    * 0288A1F6 00002130
    * 0288A21E 000020E0
    * 0288A246 00003C60
    * E0000000 80008000

    Sothe All Long Distance Tomes, Staves & Laguz Gem (Y+Right)
    * 283D78AE 00000802
    * 0288A17E 00001BE0
    * 0288A1A6 00001DC0
    * 0288A1CE 00001FA0
    * 0288A1F6 000021D0
    * 0288A21E 000039E0
    * 0288A246 00003B20
    * 0288A26E 00005920
    * E0000000 80008000

    For some reason, the Item codes do not work. I'm not sure whether I have too many activated or not. Or possibly the button activators are faulty. If someone could help me out with this, it will be greatly appreciated.

    It's not often that I ask someone for help creating codes, but this has me stumped. Like I said above, I thank thee who helps me out.