Nyko Wireless Core Controller Syncing Problem? Solved!

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    Dec 29, 2013
    If you, by any chance, is also an owner of the Nyko Wireless Core Controller and suddenly had a "syncing" issue after updating to any of the 6.X.X firmware (mine began on 6.0.1 which persisted through 6.2 until I came across this solution), I found this working solution: connect your Nyko Wireless Core Controller to your Nintendo Switch physically once via the dock.

    Right off the bat, you will gain control with your Switch. Unplug the controller and pair it with your Switch again: it should connect wirelessly by now.

    Jut to test if the method is the "full solution" to the problem. I put the Switch in "sleep mode" and awaken it again. This time, just to check if the controller will connect by itself wirelessly: it did.