Nyko Wing now avaible

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    Just got this in my email just today.

    The Nyko Wing wireless classic controller is now available for purchase.
    Apparently it uses an attachment to the Wiimote like the Kama or their cord free nunchuck adapter.
    Takes two AAA batteries and a mini USB port for charging rechargables.

    If ya really hated that short cord or wanted a something a little more colorful then this is for you.

    While it looks like a nice controller, priced at $30 bucks might make one wonder whats so wrong with the cord anyway.
    Kinda pointless to go wireless when you have to put the wiimote in your pocket anyway.
    Not to mention this will most likely not work with homebrew or glovepie due to the speed of the RF signal, as the other Nyko wireless solutions have shown. (Lemme know if it does work with those if ya have a chance to try one.)

    Personally I'm good with the Classic controller grip and wiimote to classic attachment they made some time back. Though I'd love to see a third party Nunchuck/Classic/Wiimote all in one pad. Come on Nyko, make it so.

    You can purchase and find more info here at Nyko's Wing controller page.
    Nyko Wing


    Original emailed ad image below. Its a little big.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!