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roedesh Jun 19, 2018.

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    May 25, 2018
    nx-start is a command-line utility, written in Python, for easily generating a new Nintendo Switch homebrew project. Basically it allows you to setup a new libnx project using a single command. When executed, it will ask the user for the project name and author name. Then it simply copies a template folder to the current location and replaces some placeholders with the project and author names.

    Support for PyNX and BrewJS will be added as well. Also I would like to create a "best practices" project template for this tool, so if you find any things that need to be changed, feel free to open a PR :)

    Note: this tool will NOT install devkitPro or libnx


    If you already have Python and pip installed, all you need to do is run:
    pip install nxstart
    Getting started

    To create a C/C++ libnx project simply run
    nxstart cpp
    It will ask for a project name, author name and if you are using CLion (IDE by Jetbrains). If you say yes to CLion, CMakeLists.txt will be included.

    The following project structure will be created:
    │   CMakeLists.txt  // Only if you use CLion
    │   Makefile       
    │   icon.jpg
    │   README.md
       │   main.cpp    // Your main application file
    To skip the prompts, provide the necessary flags. For example:
    nxstart -n "My new project" -a "John Doe" cpp --clion
    Or if you don't use CLion:
    nxstart -n "My new project" -a "John Doe" cpp --no-clion
    Quick Links

    I would post links here, but I can't use hyperlinks yet. For the source files, search for nxstart by roedesh on GitHub.
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    Jan 4, 2015
    This comes in handy. I'll be sure to check this out at some point. Thanks for your work! :)
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