NTSC Virtual Console on PAL Wii

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    Sep 12, 2009
    Hey this is pretty much a noob question I guess but I really can't find the answer to it, I used the search function and google but couldn't really find the solution.

    Can I install NTSC virtual console WAD files on a PAL Wii and play them, without bricking it. I know there is Anyregion changer, but I don't want to change the region of my Wii, I just want the better quality NTSC VC has. I also know there is freethewads but I don't know if this works for VC without creating the PAL VC troubles like wrong speed, screen borders etc.

    Any can help on this matter ?

    (I'm not sure in which board I had to post this since it's not really hacking, it's not really emulating, it's not really a loader and it's not really homebrew)

    EDIT: Apparently there is now ShowMiiWads wich also can change the region apparently how does this fit in the equation ?
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    I use freethewads from the WiiTools package for this purpose.

    Works in most cases, I remember I had to wait for the proper PAL release for a game I don't remember now.

    Just try it, shouldn't be hard to find.
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