NTSC-J 3DS questions.

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    Shiz i messed up the title, i meant to make it say "NTSC-J"

    Ok, I have lots of questions, any you can answer would be great.

    1. The only region to get the original white 3DS's is japan right?
    2. To my knowledge, a 3DS regardless of region should play all regions of DS games right? Its only the 3DS part that is region locked? Like will my Super Card 2 work, given i have compatible firmware on my kart and 3DS?
    3. Will I be able to play things like Mario Kart 7 with people in other regions or with differently regioned 3DS's?
    4. Is there somewhere i can find a list of retail games offered on the japanese eshop? And while im at it, I might as well see a list of all the VC games and other titles on the 3DS eshop. I cant find a list )not one i can read or translate)
    5. Of those games, can you list the ones that dont require my ability to read. ex, Mario Kart, Mario Land 3D, NSMB2, possibly star fox...
    6. What are some SAFE alternatives to paying online to paypal? I want a way to pull my money or open a dispute if the seller stiffs me.

    The blog part of this post.

    Thanks guizeeee :D
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    1. I believe so
    2. Yes, DS games are still region-free
    3. Depends on the game. MK7 isn't region-locked, luckily
    4-6. Go on the internet.
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    i think you mean the ice white 3ds? i think its available in EU and AU too ,at least one of them

    you know since the ice white 3ds is not available in NA region, and the purple 3ds is not available in jap and some other regions i think
    then someone should or could start a little business taking apart white and purple 3ds's and swapping the shells on them , put the US region insides into a ice white case and the jap region insides from the white case into the purple case
    then you would have 2 3ds units with a unique color for the region and could sell them both as unique color options
  4. BORTZ

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    Dec 2, 2007
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  5. YamiHoshi.nl

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    1. No, it's here in Europe too.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes.
    4. You've answered your own question, but still, the Japanese eShop is has the broadest Content, not that it's cheap, though. Also, that List is far from complete.
    5. Exactly what you've listed, plus more.
    6. Nothing is safer than PayPal, if you don't get your product, you can easily claim your money back.

    Oh, and TotalNoob, the Purple 3DS is only available in the American Region.