NTR CFW Debugger keeps freezing.

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    May 27, 2016
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    I tried using this feature a week ago on some games to modify data. (Yes i know this is late) But when i try using it to change values the systems freezes and i have to restart it. I dunno if i'm doing something wrong with the application that is freezing the 3DS but it usually happens when i try to load a option or something. The screen stuck at black with music playing. Can't press home but the NTR menu still loads.

    It even happens when i try dumping stuff, it just freezes like that. sometimes it a hard freeze instead of what people call "soft lock" Is been tedious and i dunno what to do about it. I got it to actually work a few times. I managed to get max cash in Blazblue continumm shift II and project cross zone. But games like super smash bros, have problems.