1. PrixM

    OP PrixM GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 14, 2009
    NSP Tool
    Manage your NSP files.

    Rename + Move + Copy
    Detect installed Games on Switch-SD or thru FTP connection

    Naming/List criterias: Needed firmware, ID 16/32 bit, Key, Name, Type, Version, Master ID, Master Name, Needed Update..
    Phonetic search function to find games even if you write the name wrong (Wont work for Japanese names)
    Hide/Show Games/Updates/DLC
    Fileoperations: Copy or Move with or without Rename or only Rename
    Create Subfolders for Maingame + Updates + DLC
    Select the Source for Gamenames (Titlekeys.txt, NSWDB, WebPage)
    Save Naming for use with non UNICODE apps like FTP...
    Delete,Show in Explorer..
    Open Nintendos webpage for your Country?
    Autoselect for: old versions, Newest Game + newest Update + Newest DLC, Updates/DLC missing on SD...
    Create Gamelist as CSV,HTML,XML,XLS
    Create "havelist" (installed.txt) for BOBs CDNSP-GUI even if your names are not BOB compatible
    Use OwnTitlekeys.txt to overwrite or add files in titlekeys.txt
    Get Infos & Images in your Language from web. (createdb.exe)
    Integrated FTP


    Options for
    Rename only
    Rename and Move
    Rename and Copy​
    Use with
    Game NSPs
    DLC NSPs
    Update NSPs​
    Added Drag & Drop​
    Added VERSION [v196608] as naming option.
    Hopefully fixed and error whateverg1012 found.​
    Export list of NSP in sourcedir to Excel (Filename, ID, Key, Name, Type. Version)
    Fixed error in VERSION naming (Program stopped without any message)​
    Errorfix: Now driveselector also changes if you use drag&drop
    Titel.txt is replaced with titelkeys.txt. Both work but takes titelkeys.txt if present.
    Downloads actual titelkeys.txt if no titles/titelkeys is present.
    Shows status under movebutton while working
    Works with ini file to save all your settings readable (config.txt not longer needed)
    Short names It seems switch has a installproblem with filenames longer than 67chr +.nsp
    if option is selected it cuts the filename after 67 chars
    Cuts of the last [] block bevore char 68 or the text if there is only text at the end.
    Errorfix: Download for titlekeys.txt worked only on win10 now should work from xp to 10
    Naming with ID32 or ID16 is now possible : Thx to Bellebite2000 for info about the error and the idea with ID16/32
    Errorfix: Component mswinsck.ocx not correctly registered
    Added Update titlekeys button
    Still not perfect suport for unicode files added (e.g.10秒走... 10 Second Run)
    Files can be renamed.... but no corect display in error log + no creation of unicode names from titlekeys
    Now full support for Japanese filenames read/write
    Only Errorlog shows ? for Japanese chars
    Rewritten many codelines for better performance and compatibilit
    Added Source to BOB button
    Creates a installed.txt compatible with BOBs GUI so you can name your files like you want it
    New way to create your filenames. Now much more possibilitie
    ErrorFix: Version got wrong result for Arms Update maybe also others
    Spaces at the end of Text for Update,DLC,Game are now saved properly to ini.
    Code size reduced and speed increased
    Source to BOB now shows if you have som old Updates (e.g. v65536 & v131072)
    Click on a file in errorlog opens it in explorer
    ErrorFox: In v13 the version was allways 65536.
    Rewritten many routines.

    Gamelist creation as CSV,XML,HTML,XLS (Source to List Button)

    New functions in Errorlog

    Show file in Explorer
    Show all files in Explorer
    Delete file
    Open Nintendos webpage for file
    Short Names is now Length + Textbox
    Now you can set the max length for filenames
    If a path + filename in total is longer 67 chars the switch wont install it
    You get Installation failed code 00002
    Set your own value if you use subdirs
    V1.1.1 only smal changes
    New naming/list criteria: Needed Firmware
    Wrote a complete new and faster routine to get the gameinfos.
    V1.2.0 Complete rebuild
    Now shows files incl. all Data (Filename,Name,ID16/32, Version, Needed Firmware, Key)
    V1.2.1 Small Bugfix
    Fixed error in Renaming routine. Now length is cut and actiondropdown works
    V1.2.2 New Functions
    You can include subdirectorys for NSP
    Copy the actual line to clipboard
    Create Destinatindirectorys for every Game incl. Updates & DLCs (Don't works for Rename only)
    Added Multiselect to filelist.
    Select all has the standard shortkey CTRL+A
    Fixed error with wrong KEY in filename
    V1.2.3 Errorhandlers total.
    Added Errorhandlers for all 345 Routines. So you can tell me where exact it crashes.
    Fixed error with colored text after sorting list.
    Fixed new error with Renaming (Unicode files[Japanese...])
    V1.2.4 More Infos
    New Infos/Naming options:
    Master ID & Master Name ID & Name of the Maingame for DLC/Updates
    Needed Update If a DLC needs a path the you can see the ID
    V1.2.5 Own Titlekeys
    Select/Deselect all Files for this Game [Game+Update+DLC] (Right Click Menu or ALT+Click)
    Copy infos for all selected to clipboard (Right Click Menu or CTRL + C)
    Write infos for all selected to OwnTitlekeys.txt
    OwnTitlekeys.txt to add/replace names and keys in titlekeys.txt (See ReadMe.txt)
    See filesize and size for all selected files
    V1.2.6 Find the Game
    Search function (CTRL+F).
    Copy cell to Clipboard
    Select newest Update (selects the newest Update for File under Mouse)?
    V1.2.7 Small changes
    Browsing directorys now remembers the old
    Illegal characters in filenames are now replaced with _
    "Scene" Releases are now recognized
    V1.2.8 NSW DB
    Supports NSW Releases DB for more infos
    New infos and naming possibilities
    Release Filename
    Release Group
    Be careful! This new DB doesn't have infos for all files.
    You can select if you prefer the naming of NSWDB in others
    V1.2.9 More Comfort
    Rearranging the columns is now possible.
    Fiexd error with character reference in NSW DB (& = &..)
    Fixed NINTENDOS error for Italian Webpages. Big N sends you to Poland if you use their Language selector on the US Page. So did i :rofl2:
    V1.2.10 Big Changes / New Design
    Added even more Gameinfos.
    Age, Release Date, Genre, Number of Players, Description
    To get this infos you have to create a Database using a new tool called createdb.exe (included) See manual by pressing the ?
    CeateDB retrieves infos from Nintendos webpages in
    Deutsch, English (UK), English (US) (LOW DATA QUALITY/Better use UK), Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Nihon no, Português
    It gets following infos if there:
    ID, Name, Age rating, Release date, Description short & long, Genre, Languages, Players, Publisher, Dowloadsize, Url to Gameimage
    It's also commandline compatible ;-) So feel free to use it for your project but like the post and give credits
    You can mix using the tool with another language to add missing Games
    Gameimages (jpg) are supported. Place them in the Images folder.
    Naming for Images ID.jpg
    V1.2.11 Comfort +
    Hide/Show Columns (Right click on column)
    You can use 18 fileinfos for renaming.
    Age, Firmware, Genre, ID16/32, Key, Languages, Master ID, Master Name, Needed Update
    Num of Players, Publisher, Region, Rel. Date, Rel. Filename, Rel. Group, Serial, Type, Version

    Sort Checked function added (PopUp Menu)
    Select Game + Update + DLCs newest Versions for file under Mouse (PopUp Menu)
    Small designchanges
    Errorfix: Single files were not displayed

    WebDB (createdb.exe) got new entrys Serial, NSUID, DEMO available, Wifi Game, Amiibo compatible, Previewvideo available
    Downloads preview images if wanted (200x200 jpg)
    V1.2.12 Check installed Games
    Switched fileoperation to standard Windows dialogs
    To see the Size/Progress...
    Removed spaces in languages
    Complex Naming added
    You can set different Text if a Parameter is given or not
    e.g. Languages are known "de, fr, en, es, ru" Result = [de,fr,en,es,ru]
    Languages are unknown "" Result = "" and not "[]" like normal

    Check wich games from list are installed on your SD.
    Autodetects if a switch sd is inserted.
    Press Check SD and in the new column (Last) is a Yes if game is on SD.
    V1.2.13 Update that SD
    Games on SD get a grey background so you can identify them faster
    Added automatic message that tells you if you miss Updates/DLC on your SD
    Select these missing Updates/DLC for your SD (Right click Menu)
    Save Naming. It seeems some Programs have Problems (e.g.Tinfoil/FTP..) with special chars like
    ŠŽŸÀÁÂÃÄÅÇ... so they will be replaced with SZYA... it also replace non alpha numeric like +=Plus, &=and....
    ErrorFix: You got 3 errormessages if you scanned subdirs with only one NSP
    V1.2.14 Better search
    Search (CTRL+F) now has a Sounds Like feature (phonetic search) e.g. rabits also finds rabbids
    Moved Sort Checked from Right Click Menu to a new PopUp on first column click
    Changed the Replace function for illegal filename chars \/:*?""<>| from _ to space
    Recoded some Unicode routines for faster and smaller tool (about 160K smaller exe)
    ErrorFix BOB's Havelist filedialog was for xml,xls... but not txt
    V1.2.15 Is there a new Version?
    Checks for new version and asks if you want to download.
    There is also a download button in others if new version is online
    Filter genres by click on genre colum. Filter shows only genres your files have
    Select path for Images by right clik on a Image
    If you use BOB's GUI like me you don't need the images twice
    Switch Backup Manager cache directory is also supported
    Reads Gameinfos from BOB's GUI. Select Path to CDNSP GUI in others
    DLC Front brings[DLC] at the beginning like CDNSP does
    ErrorFix in Https Module. Opening Webpages resultet in crash
    Ini didn't save disabling complex naming
    V1.2.16 Only Fixes
    FIX: Master name sometimes emty Now it allways shows the Name of the maingame Danke Moko
    FIX: Safe naming removed some chars we need like [] It also removed the . from .nsp Thanks F3Speech
    Now you should get an error window if you have corrupt NSP files. Nochmals danke Moko
    It shows Filenames + Problem (can't test it because i have no corrupt NSP)
    V1.2.17 Update Infos
    Update Message shows changes for latest version
    FIX saved window Size if you maximized the window.
    Better Errormessages for fileoperations. Show the filename
    Support for Nut_titlekeys.txt added
    With Nut_titlekeys you see if any file is not up to date
    (Yellow icon and a yellow line. SD files still get grey line)
    V1.2.18 Just a quick fix
    ErrorFix UTF8 BOM files created error (Newest Nut_titlekeys.txt)
    V1.2.19 Send the file
    Integrated a small FTP. You can browse folders, delete files and send selected files.
    Update info Shows all infos since your version
    ErroFix: Program crashed if you start a clean/new install Thanks Largooo
    V1.2.20 FTP+
    Check the installed games on your switch thru FTP
    The FTP needs access to the root to get the data
    ErrorFix FTP Startdir wasn't active​
    V1.2.21 Fix the old Error
    New FTP Functions: Create Directory, Rename, Delete, Download File
    ErrorFix: Empty Cardreaders with driveletter created an error.
    Some files couldn't be opend on some Windows versions.​
    V1.2.22 Only Firmware
    Firmware now also shows 6.0.0​
    V1.2.23 To fast with last update :-)
    Since most of us don't use FW 6.0.0 there are 2 new Functions
    You can select your Firmware and Mark files with higher Firmware in Others
    Right click menu let you select all files with higer firmware​
    V1.2.24 Customize it
    Choose your own Colors for Game, Update, DLC, Update available, To high Firmware, Installed Games
    Enable/Disable backgroundcolor for Update available, To high Firmware, Installed Games​
    V1.2.25 Rename is dead, long live the Tool
    Changed Name from NSP Rename to NSP Tool
    Replaced some old functions/controls with Unicode compatible versions
    Statusline, Errorlog (Move/Rename..), Subdir creation
    Remove checks after Renaming....
    First scan start now after program is visible.​

    Download NSP Tool V1.2.25 (269KB)

    Maybe you need the VB6 Runtimes

    I want to thank
    aln1k0, Bellebite2000, dyerseve, F3Speech, holdengray, Largooo, Moko, Scion, SebastianValmontX360, Thandor, whateverg1012 and all others i forgot
    for your help making this tool better.

    Also thanks go to
    BOB I love your CDNSP
    Switch Hacks Discord for allways actual titlekeys
    GibaBR for Switch Backup Manager

    Have Fun and like the post if you like it
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  2. iriez

    iriez GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 27, 2016
    United States
    Any chance for .rar support? I believe for just renaming extraction is not needed, so shouldn't add too much processing time to the mix :) (I think)
  3. PrixM

    OP PrixM GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 14, 2009
    I can rename files in an .rar without extraction but
    1. my tool needs data from the file.:cry:
    2. Rar doesn't compress nsp good (all test rar had 1 byte more than the .nsp)

    Btw.: The next version will get nsp version as naming option.
    I also extract it from the file. Get version from 15GB file take about 2ms :)
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  4. whateverg1012

    whateverg1012 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 23, 2016
    United States
    Nice tool, once the version naming is added it'll be perfect.

    Edit: Minor annoyance but it adds an extra space right before the .nsp, you should fix that if you can.
    Last edited by whateverg1012, Jul 29, 2018
  5. PrixM

    OP PrixM GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 14, 2009
    I dont get an extra space?
    Changed some code and hope this fixes the bug.
    New version is online:D
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  6. morrison22

    morrison22 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Nov 26, 2005
    United States
    Looks nice. Any chance for an Os-X version? Or a cross platform version?
  7. whateverg1012

    whateverg1012 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 23, 2016
    United States
    Working great now, thanks!
  8. Xyphoseos

    Xyphoseos Hack or no games

    Jun 29, 2016
    EDIT : What must be on titles.txt ?
    Last edited by Xyphoseos, Jul 29, 2018
  9. PrixM

    OP PrixM GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 14, 2009
    Sorry only Windows at the moment.
    Maybe if i'm bored and have a lot of time i will program x platform version.

    01000645300ca0500000000000000003|fF40be662e7533662f9dc8f6c8bbec1a|Super Marko
    Take an standard new titles.txt like you find it all over the net :)
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  10. stewacide

    stewacide GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 22, 2018
    Opens in Wine once you install the VB6 runtime, but what is titles.txt?

    — Posts automatically merged - Please don't double post! —

    So it doesn't extract this data from the .nsp itself?

    Attached Files:

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  11. Dissaor

    Dissaor Advanced Member

    Feb 2, 2008
    United States
    What's the benefit of renaming NSP files?
  12. PrixM

    OP PrixM GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 14, 2009
    Everyone has to decide for themselves. I personally like to have all files sorted neatly.
    I find it clearer if all have the same naming.
  13. johnnyturk

    johnnyturk GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 14, 2009
    it finds the nsp, but doesnt seem to do anything when i click to rename?
  14. PrixM

    OP PrixM GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 14, 2009
    A little more info would be good. Does the program stop workig or what?

    Do you use the version to rename?
    I found an error in this sub and fixed it in V1.0.5.
    Last edited by PrixM, Jul 30, 2018
  15. johnnyturk

    johnnyturk GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 14, 2009
    hi, sorry

    so it still doesnt seem to rename. no error, program "doesnt" crash

    rarely i get a subscript error 9 or something similar to that. if it doesnt do that, it doesnt do anything, and it rarely crashes
  16. PrixM

    OP PrixM GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 14, 2009
    Seems you are the only one with this problem.
    I cant recreate it so you got a private message with an spezial version that messages any error + errorline ....

    ANYBODY else got such an error?
  17. Bellebite2000

    Bellebite2000 GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 31, 2018
    Doesn't work for me neither, same problem. Clicking doesn't do anything.

    A few more comments:
    1) Why aren't you using titlekeys.txt like everyone else? Having to rename it everytime seems really unnecessary.
    2) Would be good to select if you want to have 16 or 32 digits Title IDs. Some scripts are not happy with 16 or 32 version, so being able to swap back and forth between the two would be great.

    Overall, great idea and interface, just wished it would do something when I press the button :)
  18. holdengray

    holdengray Newbie

    Sep 6, 2017
    United States
    Program works great. Thanks for the hard work. Is there any way of making it shorten names? For example some nsp files fail to install unless they have shorter names on the switch.
  19. PrixM

    OP PrixM GBAtemp Regular

    Apr 14, 2009
    Still not enough Infos to find any error. Winversion? Path for the NSP and Destination, Number of files.... Send me a message with all data you can give me and i will try to fix the errror. Maybe you try this version with special errorhandlers

    16 or 32 digits. My program can handle both :)
    Next version will download an actual list if there is none.
    I added support for both Filenames for next upload. Preffers titlekeys.txt if finds both. The titles.txt comes from an other tool i used. I never noticed the mistake:D

    Sure i can do but do you know how long is too long?
    If you can deliver me this info i will add it to the next version.

    Ohh and what should i cut off?
    Super Marko [UPD] [v131072][01000645300ca0500000000000000003] [fF40be662e7533662f9dc8f6c8bbec1a].nsp
    could be
    1. Super Marko [UPD] [v131072] [01000645300ca0500000000000000003].nsp
    2. Super Marko [UPD] [v131072] [01000645300ca0500000000000000003] [fF40be662e75.nsp
    or cut the Gamename or or or
    I personal would cut the last block like 1.
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  20. holdengray

    holdengray Newbie

    Sep 6, 2017
    United States
    I agree with you that the first suggested one you listed would look better. Also, it appears that the limit for how long a .nsp file can be is 67 letters. If it exceeds that, then it gives an error. Most games are already under that limit, but some that I've installed do have longer names then that and I have to manually rename them in order to install them. It would be great to have the program do this by default for any .nsp file if that's possible.
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