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    Dec 10, 2010
    United States

    US sales tracker NPD has issued a note to analyst Michael Pachter requesting that he stops handing out NPD data to media outlets.

    In October of last year the company announced that it was to change the way in which it publishes its monthly video game sales data, omitting most of what had made the reports some of the most revealing in the industry.

    NPD instead said it was up to individual platform holder and publishers to govern the publication of sales numbers.

    And now it seems that it doesn't want analysts spreading the word, either.

    "NPD would appreciate it, if you and your teams refrain from providing any of our Games data directly to the media," the note to Pachter read. "This includes live discussions, e-mails, and/or notes.

    "In some cases, you may have to remove the media from your distribution lists. Should the media take issue with this, you can feel free to send them my contact information, and I can connect them with the appropriate NPD representative."

    Pachter has confirmed that he will adhere to the request, telling journalists: "Going forward, we are not permitted to send our NPD results note to anyone associated with the media.

    "I have been distributing the results note to the media, and will not do so going forward."[/p]
    [​IMG] Sauce

    Here is the official statement from the NPD Group:
    NeoGAF and VGChartz have suddenly lost all relevance.
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