Notice to all Homebrew Developers

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    Oct 13, 2008
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    The other day, whilst pondering all things Nintendo, I realized that the entire Nintendo hacking community, from GBA to DS to Wii developers, could use something to bring us together. Seeing as I'm not such a great homebrew developer myself, I took my amateur photoshop skills and created the Un-Official Nintendo Seal of Quality. So, DEVELOPERS: BOOKMARK THIS PAGE [​IMG] if the search bar were as reliable as we thought it was, we wouldn't have as many repeat threads as we do, eh? I doubt that one day other homebrew developers used this logo in their applications, but one can dream, no? [​IMG] Feel free to use it as you see fit, I want no credit whatsoever. Although, if you'd like, feel free to tell me where you've placed it so I could check it out myself [​IMG].

    Onto the picture itself:

    The PNG in all it's glory!
    Plus: High Quality PSD:

    Now, I've changed the light gold used in Nintendo's logo into a more intimidating red, as well as adding the obvious "Un-" to the start of the first word. Send me a message if the image needs rehosting.