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    So i've read billions of threads already on people saying that one console will destroy the other and that they will buy this or that one etc.etc. But i've been thinking about the consoles and about what would make them succed or not. And please if you're going to post a comment on this topic let it be constructive and actually explain why you think one is better than the yea right, what am i saying, like most of the trolls and n00bs are capable of doing something as simple as that [​IMG]

    Anyways here goes.

    So hearing the news about the 3DS got me pretty damn excited for all the obvious reasons. "It's the new ds but with better graphics and 3d!!!", "Tt has analog goodness!", "It makes you get it on with the ladies!!)...okey maybe not that last part [​IMG] Not only that but the software line-up was insane, Animal crossing 3D, Paper Mario 3D, Kid Icarus, Starfox 643D? (dunno wtf the title will be for that game), The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, Resident evil, etc. All seemed fine and dandy untill Sony unveiled their NGP (PSP2). Now i know we had heard rumours about it before and knew it was probably going to come out, but since sony had done so poorly with the psp i actually thought they might just screw it and not go so all out with it. But boy was i wrong. Dual analog, Oled screen, touchpad on the front and back, fucking 3g support, hardware that made my e-peen erect, and also a software line-up which was insane, uncharted, killzone, Metal gear Solid, Call of Duty etc. So, as it seems Sony doesn't give up that easily. Both their hands are shown, but what will the outcome be? Hard to tell, but before giving an answer i'll mention some points you should take into consideration.

    I guess we can all agree that the games that have been shown on both sides look frickin' amazing. Still we need to take a look to the past and see what happened there. Now i remember when the psp first came out, and people talked shit about the ds like nothing i'd seen before. Nintendo even got scared, announcing that they would indeed release a "new gameboy console" that would match the psp in raw horsepower (showing just how much shit nintendo got from people in the begining, and that the future was so unpredictable that even stubborn nintendo was about to give in to it). But what happened? The psp was "better", it looked sexy, it had amazing gfx, a slide pad, and amazing games. And the touchpad was just a gimmick which didn't enhance gameplay in any way right? Well there are a couple of things you can point to concerning this. The main thing with the psp was the fact that it was the "console experience" on the go. Hence the games were more "grand", which in turn ofcourse results in more costly games, which also takes more time to produce (and also results in less risk taking since more money is on stake). This gives nintendo a slight advantage. They start producing games quicker and give the consumer a bigger range of different games (since they can afford to experiment with "smaller" games), which always is a pluss. And even though the games werent as technically marvelous or as grand as the psp's games were, they still deliverd on the fun and easy accessibility part, to people of all ages.

    Another point about the "console experience on the go". I'm not saying that these "grand" games of the psp were bad, on the contrary they were great, and Sony achieved exactly what they said they would. They got the console experience on a portable. And while that indeed did impress alot of people and it did sound great on paper, everyone eventually noticed that maybe that wasn't the best thing. What i mean is that I (and what i've heard from alot of people) experienced that while these "epic" games were just that, it was hard to just pick up, play for a couple of minutes and then turn it of again. You had to take your time to get into a game, which kind of defeats the purpose of pickup and play. And sure you could always put it on sleep mode, but rememeber the batterly life of that thing in the begining? Yeah....

    Oh and speaking of appealing to all ages. I remember that most people getting excited for the psp were the so-called "hardcore" gamers. Calling lots of nintendo games "kiddy" etc. (oh and if you find yourself to be one of these people please leave, go and wank of to whichever first person shooter you feel like, it's fine, i won't tell that stuff gets you a hardon [​IMG]).

    Doesn't this all sound familiar? "The NGP is as powerful as the playstation 3!", "It plays console games such as uncharted on it!" "It's sexier and has more "grown-up" games!".
    However the 3g aspect changes things a bit in my opinion. Since now you can actually play the games online, from almost anywhere. Which not only is awesome for competetive gamers on the go, but 3g also opens the doors for many other possibilites. Mmorpg on the go anyone? Yeah, blows your mind doesn't it? [​IMG]

    With all that beeing said though, where does that leave the 3DS? It'll obviously have those "quick satisfaction" games such as mario kart, mario party etc. But a lot of their top games are bigger titles such as zelda ocarina of time, resident evil etc. And now that they do have a much more powerful console, will the games increased production cost also hinder risktaking? The reason i loved the Nds in the first place was the fact that it did have so many varied and different types of games. I guess time will tell.

    3D vs OLED

    Now we know how nintendo always say they love to innovate and create something new, and we also know in the past how much sony loves to copy the other guy's succes (move anyone?). In this case however that might actually be a good thing for sony. The only experience i've had with 3d gaming thus far was at an electronics store which showcased some 3d games on 3d tv's. And i can honestly say that it looked really amazing, and in some cases i can understand how it could enhance gameplay since you get better understanding of how far certain things are, and so on. However, i did find it straining the eyes a bit, if it's just because i wasn't used to it or if it does make the eyes tired is not something i can create an opinion on with such a short exposure to 3d gaming.
    Thus not only will the eye tiredness (if it actually is the 3d causing this) cause people to want to turn of the 3d effect, but battery consumption and a great boost in fps are also factors actually working against the 3d effect. And with the 3d turned off, the 3ds just becomes a nds with better gfx, an analog pad, and a bigger top screen.

    My point is that NGP also includes all those things! It's got 2 touch screens (on the front and on the back). It's got 2 analog sticks and it's got even more powerfull hardware to boot.

    If the touch screen uses a pen or needs fingertouch รก la ipods remains to be seen. But assuming the touchscreen works well on the NGP, then sony has brought a good fight for the future of portable gaming. Some people could argue that dual analog also enhances gameplay, but i think using a thumbpad works just as well on the nds for metroid, both are OK substitutes of the mouse but aren't anywhere near as good. So save me the "analog rules over touchpad" and vice-versa smacktalk.

    Portableness???? (is that even a word?)

    So yeah, what about portableness? Well... will they be easy to bring along with you? Are they durable? Will The 3D screen get all effed up if it so much as bumps to something in my pocket? (assuming it fits in a pocket xD). And what about the NGP's dual analogs?? Are they even possible to remove, or something? xD I would not want to put something like that in my backpack, or pocket or whatever. (Not without a specieal case that holds it into place and won't disturb the analogs in any case [​IMG]) Will the touchscreens on the front and on the back get effed up if they get too much pressure after beeing in your pocket or bag or something?

    With all this stuff in mind (and ofcourse obvious factors such as prising, release dates, etc) it really does seem like it could go both ways. My gut reaction is that Nintendos 3DS will still create a wide variety of games (hope so atleast), and that it will go strong. But i do think however that if Sonys NGP isn't too expensive and has lots of good launchtitles, it could do a lot better this time around.

    What do you guys think? Do you agree but think i've missed a point or two? Do you dissagree entirely? Please, in that case explain why you think so.

    Oh and to the people not reading all of this and still posting, or just writing that something is right or wrong without elaboration know this, you're all artards, suck at life, have no friends, and probably smell bad. Just f.y.i.
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    Neither system is even out yet, and only one has been made even remotely available to the public. Here's a great idea. Why don't we stop all this crap until we can hold both systems in our hands and make an educated decision on the matter instead of relying on hype and fanboyism? Just a thought.
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    This is a dumb thread it's nothing more than flame bait
    and soon we'll see pages of idiotic fanboy rants

    No one has a NGP or 3DS so it's as pointless as the PS4 vs XBOX 720 debate
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    I believe that the professional syntax for something like this would be "Yet Another" instead of "Not Another", and the name would proceed to be abbreviated to YANv3T.


    ....Uhm....portability...portablness is not a word.
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    This should be locked already.

    a- Flamebait
    b- Flaws in the opening post
    c- There is already threads about 3DS vs NGP, discuss there.
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    I don't know wether to laugh or to cry about the irony when people write "FLAMEBATECONSOLEWAR" xD aaaanywhos. Just stating i have flaws in my opinion without a counter argument already makes your statement invalid. And yet again, as the threadname would suggest, i know there are many threads about it, but i wanted to share my own thoughts about it, hence i created a thread to encourage people giving their opinions in a discussion.
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    Four, three, two, one...

    I love the big screen
    So fresh and so clean
    It's all in my dreams
    They make me wanna scream


    Games so crazy
    They totally amaze me
    Gotta ask my mom for one
    For shizzy


    All I want for Christmas is my NGP
    Wanna play it when I'm walkin down the street
    All I want for Christmas is my NGP
    Tell my mom and dad "Get one for me"

    NGP! NGP! NGP! NGP~ ...
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    You should probably cry, because that's the kind of shit that get's your topic locked, and other topics that have the same question. Don't let that happen.

    Meh, in my current state of mind, I won't be buying any Sony products new. So, 3DS all the way.
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    BOOO!!! [​IMG] jk