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    Feb 11, 2017
    Hi first time posting long time lurker i've finally got my 2ds with luma (hopefully before 11.3) but theres one thing that i can't get my hands on .
    Playing Mhgen with my xbox one pad. I've tried a lot of solution but nothing work exept in the home menu . I 've managed to control my 2ds with my gamepad in the home menu and with rythm paradise and i think it's because mhgen like pokemon Sumo cut the wifi while launching and i can't figure out how i can bypass that .
    This is how i start NTR.
    -I launch input redirection.
    -then NTR in 3.4
    -then i enable the debugger
    -i launch kit kat (at this point my controller work in home)
    -then i launch the game and kit kat unhook from my 3ds ( sorry if there's some fault i'm french)

    And thanks for all the tutorials that the gbatemps member provides btw without them my 2ds would not have been that great ! :D
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