No way to downgrade?

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    Q. I updated past 3.55, is there any way to get the 3.55 custom firmware from there?
    A. No. There's no way to downgrade from 3.56+ firmware yet using a software method. Though, there is a way to downgrade some FAT PS3 involving Infectus modchip.

    Is this still true? I have a PS3 slim (not super slim) with 4.21
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    E3 flasher can downgrade your console, if it's date code is 1B or lower.
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    So i'm guessing my 5yr old slim should be ok to use E3 flasher on? reason being the bluray drive refuses to play latest games (moh warfighter, blops2 colonial marines) due to 80010514 error, system has been opened and lens cleaned but still no luck. I've got a new ps3 but i'm wanting to flash my old one to use as a backup loader and media centre (removing cinavia) and got a good site for an E3 flasher as well as someone with experience in console/phone repairs who can do it all for me. can someone post a link to a guide in the forum or elsewhere with instructions on the process or best tools to use?