Nintendont won't load while gamecube adapter is plugged in

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    Hey all, whenever I load a gamecube game from USB Loader GX with my gamecube controller adapter plugged in to the back of the Wii u, it stays on a black screen then opens the nintendont menu, instead of automatically booting into the game? (and then i don't have my settings configured, so I can't really play any of the games)

    Then when i unplug the adapter it will load fine, no issues what so ever. I didn't have this issue for a long time, but it seems to have come up from nowhere. has anybody else encountered this?
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    How are you loading USB Loader GX? From the vWii Menu or directly from the Wii U menu. If from the Wii U menu, does it ask if you want to use the Gamepad prior to booting into USB Loader GX? If so, you are attempting to boot USBGX in WiiU WiiVC mode on an old version of USB Loader GX. When using the gamepad with USB Loader GX as a front end for Nintendont, the arguments (args) gets glitched out when an HID controller plugged in. However, plugging in the HID adapter after nintendont boots will allow the game to load. @Cyan made a quick patch to USBGX to disable args boot when USB Loader GX detects WiiU WiiVC mode. See more here:

    If that version works for you, then the latest version should work as well (version 1272)
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