Nintendont, USB and formatting

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Hi, I would like some help because I'm just unable to find any sense to my problem:

    I have several Toshiba USBs. Until recently, they worked perfect with Nintendont and in my old Windows XP computer. I formated them with no problem and I could add and remove games without any issue whatsoever, and I could load any game also without problems.

    That computer died a few weeks ago and I'm stuck with a laptop with Windows 7. Since then I'm starting to have problems with the usbs.

    More precissely, one 16GB USB that I formatted with Windows 7. Since then, doesn't matter what I try or how I format it, any game I put into that usb freezes or gives me black screens.

    The same happens with a new USB bought this very day. I tried formatting them in several ways, but I always get problems.

    In contrast, the usbs that haven't been formated after I lost my old PC work perfect. I can add games or remove them with this computer, but they still work.

    What could I be doing wrong? Is Windows 7 fucking up something?

    It's driving me crazy because I didn't have a single problem since I started using Nintendont back in 2014.