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    May 31, 2015
    Hi there :)
    I hope it's not a problem to post a new thread about this, I'm new here so please tell me if I should ask those questions in the appropriate thread.

    I've started using Nintendont a few days ago on my PAL Wii, mainly to play Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 and F-Zero AX, but also to be able to play with GC games in great conditions (480p is so great). It's also very useful since my disc drive seems to be dead and just ejects any disc I try to put in.

    I've read some guides about Nintendont to see what the possibilities are, what the various options do and such, but there are still things I can't figure out.

    Not a real problem actually, but the BIOS files don't work properly. It may have something to do with my Wii being PAL region, but they almost never load when launching an ISO. I could never see the Triforce logo animation with Mario Kart AGP2 or F-Zero AX. It only worked once when launching Metroid Prime (NTSC-U), and a screwed up version showed up for PAL SSBM, with much slow down on the GameCube logo animation.
    I just removed all the BIOS files but was wondering what could cause this? I respected everything indicated in the guides I read so that's weird.

    Another issue concerns Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings NTSC-U version. The text isn't displayed properly at all whether it's names, menus, subtiles and such. It seems to be caused by the system menu being in a language other than English. It can be resolved by changing the language in the Wii options, or by forcing English in Nintendont options, BUT! The physical memory card used also seems to cause the problem for whatever reason.
    I have four memory cards, all containing PAL saves, and they all cause the text to be messed up. I wanted to use a real memory card for personal preference but had to give up (and I don't have any empty memory card available), and eventually found that the virtual memory card option from Nintendont resolved the text issue. Well, I found the solution myself regarding that but I'm really wondering, Why?
    Why would the memory card and/or saves on it cause anything regarding the in-game texts? That doesn't make sense to me, hence why I'm talking about it there.

    I think I forgot one or two things but I'll ask them later, I'll probably recall that when using Nintendont again. :)
  2. fariasluciano

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    May 4, 2015
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