Nintendont: Multiplayer with Wii controllers

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  1. skullkeeper94

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    Jun 21, 2016
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    I have two native Wii controllers, one regular and the other Motion Plus built-in. Whenever I start Mario Kart: Double Dash player 1 controller is turned off and if buttons are pressed all lights turn on. Player 2 is set to player one. How do I allow both to work correctly?
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    Mar 11, 2016
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    I use nintendont through usbloader gx and you can configure controllers under its setting. I'm not so sure about the standalone app. In my opinion usbloader gx is the best solution to have all my games (minus my emulated games) under the same place with covers, cheats, etc. Wii, GC, VC, WiiWare.

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