Nintendont dont work ingame

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    Oct 17, 2015
    Hello dears

    Im sorry to ask a question about nintendont, but my classic controllers are not recognized in-game.

    For exemple, on F-zero gx, i can choose the 50 or 60 hz mod in the menu, i select 60, but i cant create the data in the memory card.

    Same deal with zelda the wind waker, i cant press start...

    Do i do something wrong ?

    I followed this tutorial

    but im stock.

    Thank you very much, and have a nice day
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    That is of course a pretty hefty, but well written tutorial... if you followed it to a tee you should be good to go really.

    Wii or Wii U? Have you got a gamecube controller plugged in?
    Is your Classic Controller official or 3rd party?
    Have you downloaded a certain controller.ini and placed it on root? ('No' should be your answer to this by the way)
    Is player 1 lit up on the wiimote you're trying to use?
    How long are you waiting to press a button? (bluetooth controllers do go off after a few seconds - I think it's 20)
    Have you messed around with the memory card settings?