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    Now that there's a new Twilight hack for the new menu, I thought I'd try out homebrew for the first time. I just have a couple of questions/clarifications. And yes, I have searched the forums and Googled stuff but have found different answers.

    1. Nintendo obviously doesn't like the whole homebrew thing. When installing through homebrew channel, can you uninstall via the normal Wii menu and still be safe? I read somewhere that you should do it through wad manager since uninstalling like normal will leave remnants behind that gets sent to Nintendo. Or is that just with wads?

    2. Nintendo Channel now requires you to have the "games played" sharing thing turned on to access the DS download service (which I don't want to lose). So when playing homebrew, does it send something about that? And if so, would I get cut off from something? I haven't bought anything through the Nintendo store and don't have a Nintendo account and so should still be anonymous but I just want to be safe.
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    Nice Star Trek analogy! It game me a good chuckle [​IMG]
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    This is to do with any channel installed on the Wii. The Ticket details of all channels you have installed and all games you have ever played, including their regions, are sent to Nintendo every time you connect to the Shop Channel. When you uninstall a channel with the .wad Manager or AnyTitle Deleter, the record of it being played on your Wii is removed. Although, this could be picked up on by Nintendo, seeing Wiis suddenly 'lose' played games. Also, channels turn up in the Play Time Log, which you agree to send to Nintendo to use the Nintendo Channel. If Nintendo sees that you've played the Homebrew Channel, they could tell that you have used the Twilight Hack and installed the HBC. If Nintendo sees Virtual Console/WiiWare games played, then they could possibly cross-reference this data with the data of which games you have bought. There is no evidence as to whether they do any of this or whether they don't do any of this though, and there have been no blocked Wiis. (so far, at least...)