Nintendo Network ID and emuNAND

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    Dec 21, 2013
    Hello everyone,

    I recently got myself a Gateway (and am very happy with it) though I mostly use it just for the emuNAND functionality for the time being. I've bought both Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Pokémon X so I'll be busy for a while anyway.

    I noticed Nintendo now requires you to link a Nintendo Network ID to your 3DS to use the eShop properly, so I was about to link my Wii U NNID to my 3DS when I stumbled across the following warning in the setup process:

    "You cannot link a Nintendo Network ID to multiple Nintendo 3DS systems."

    This made me wonder: if I'd ever mess up my emuNAND or have to recreate it for whatever reason, will I still be able to re-link my NNID? I suppose this wouldn't be an issue if they just keep track of the console IDs but it made me consider creating a separate one for my 3DS, just in case.

    Another option I considered was copying the emuNAND partition off of the SD card and storing it somewhere, but that raised the question if it can actually just be copy/pasted and if the NNID link will be preserved.

    TL;DR: Can I safely link my Wii U's NNID to my 3DS on emuNAND, or would it be more wise to create a separate one? Is backing up the SD card perhaps an option?

    EDIT: Aaaand I've just noticed the "ask 3DS questions here" thread. My sincere apologies :)