Nintendo DS font to ttf???

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    is there any ripper/converter/extractor/ to converts Nintendo DS (NFTR or otherwise) fonts into ttf files???

    alternatively, link me to Final Fantasy 4 DS already done
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    Short version. No.

    Longer version NTFR is a bitmap font format, and one usually rendered at very low resolution. Trying to turn that into a vector format like ttf is really not going to happen automatically. You could try importing it in bitmap format to a font making tool, tracing around those and tweaking accordingly but that would be hard work.

    When it comes to this most people are concerned more with editing the existing font, importing that into another game or outright replacing it. Conversion to something beyond a bitmap for said importing into another game is not something that gets done so often. Some people did try, I recall doing something with Golden Sun a while back. Other people have made them into fonts they can use in a game, mainly by making a custom engine to handle the bitmap font.
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    Alternately, a good amount of DS games use size 11 Verdana.