Nintendo didn't fix my console. Alternatives?

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  1. Noah Hall

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    Jul 2, 2015
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    Hi all.

    In February, a friend of mine accidentally knocked my Wii U off of the table. When inserting a disc, the console accepted the disc, slower than usual and making a grinding noise. Then, it made a different grinding noise for a few seconds, then stopped trying to do anything and told me the disc could not be read. I sent it off to Nintendo to get repaired.

    I got my Wii U back with a letter stating they did not repair my console because I had the homebrew channel installed.

    When I got my Wii U back, the console no longer makes the grinding noise; it will suck the disc in with no problems for a few seconds, then spit it back out. Nothing sounds wrong with the mechanics at all, it simply won't keep the disc inside the console long enough to read. It keeps pulling it in as if it the disc were stuck outside the lip, or if nothing was in it at all.

    I can take a video demonstrating this if necessary.

    This makes me think Nintendo actually fixed the console, then discovered I had the homebrew channel (vWii), meaning they had to purposely mess something up to stay in line with policy. That's just a dumb guess though. It's still a bit weird that it behaves differently (and arguably better) than when I sent it.

    So, I have some questions about what the next step to take is...

    Do I:

    Uninstall homebrew and re-send to Nintendo?
    Open up the Wii U myself and attempt to fix the issue?
    Buy another Wii U?
    Have a local repair place fix it?
    Have someone who is competent on this website fix it for me?
    Somehow replace the entire disc drive?

    Those are the only things I personally could think of, I'm sure there's other alternatives/options.

    But I'm pretty desperate to have my Wii U back, I love the thing. I'd prefer not to get a brand new one unless you can transfer save data and DLC somehow. Investing in a brand new Wii U isn't exactly cost effective either.

    Any help, suggestions, or ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
  2. nero99

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    You'd be better off fixing it yourself or sending it to a local or Internet console repair service on eBay (only go with people that have 90-100% positive feedback when buying parts or sending in for service!).
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  3. DiscostewSM

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    Or something within the unit shifted during the trip there or back.
  4. Snugglevixen

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    Sounds like a faulty disc drive mechanism. If you open up maybe you could see what's out of place or broken and do some DIY.
  5. Captain_N

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    When fixing wii u drive related, remember you cant swap drives from a different wii u. the logic board is locked to 1 console. you can replace the mechanical part so get a spare drive and swap the logic board.
  6. Drew That Gamer

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    Dec 29, 2015
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    I also broke my Wii U, sent it back to Nintendo, and they didn't fix it because I had Homebrew. All I did was send it back to Nintendo. They make you send it to another location as well, so they may give you the benefit of the doubt and fix it!

    Also, might as well remove it. You can just reinstall it and get everything back within 30 minutes at the most.
  7. RemixDeluxe

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    Doesnt anyone find it dumb they deny someone service on a hardware issue when the homebrew is software related? I'd be one thing if it allowed for overclocking which affects the hardware but still. Maybe thats just me.
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  8. SockNaste

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    Homebrew installs an IOS into your Wii/vWii so removing it wouldn't help the situation as Nintendo looks at the vWii/Wii's NAND and can see modified IOS or channels that shouldn't be there...
  9. Drew That Gamer

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    Dec 29, 2015
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    Well, I didn't personally remove the Homebrew Channel when I turned in my Wii U, but I recommended resending it because it seems like the second repair center they send it to is more generous about it. i also recommended removing it just in case, but i guess it wouldn;t matter if you removed it or not.
  10. Graham182

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    Apr 17, 2015
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    The answer to the initial question now is "set up kernal exploit and loadiine and sell off games".
  11. Drew That Gamer

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    Dec 29, 2015
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    That's illegal.
  12. Nyap

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    can you tell us what the letter saying that they didn't fix bc of homebrew channel said? just curious :3
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    Homebrew isn't illegal.
    Circumventing copy protection is.

    If you where Nintendo and people where breaking your security to that they can play copied games which means you'd be losing money.
    You'd also deny them service on that console.

    Bottom line is, if you modify your system, your warranty is voided.