Nintendo 3DS and M3ds real/G6Flash . . .

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    Went ahead and tried to open it and well just as I thought, (An error has occured please hold the power button and refer to the manual)
    I already knew it would not work but I just never seen anything when I googled different searches for this so I was a little un sure if its been tested before or not. Plus I never seen it say G6 before.
    Sorry to waste your time. If you wish to add to this feel free I would like to see what others have to say about it. =D

    OK first off I tried searching this info I have before posting but I did not find anything so I am gonna go ahead with it and see whats up.
    So basically I have read on several sites that the M3ds real and older flash carts do not work on the 3DS and thats fine I understand but basiaclly being the kind of person I am I tried to use my M3ds real cart on the 3ds anyway.

    What happened was nothing at first like i thought it would not aknowldge a cart was even in the slot. Then I kept putting it in and out a few times (yes TWSS [​IMG] ) Then I got it to read the cart, now I could be wrong and this could be nothing at all BUT I did not want to select it just yet for the rumors of the 3DS being able to be bricked for I am on the latest firmware. So instead I came here with the info to see if the 3ds showing and saying "G6Flash" even though its a M3ds real on the screen, to well see if that is normal. I took a picutre with my old Iphone (Looks like crap) but hopefully you can see it enough. So if anyone else has already seen this or has any idea if its safe to click it and try to open it please let me know I will have no problem doing so if its not been heard of before.
    I tried searching this ubt nothing else came up on google for the 3ds.

    Well thanks in advance here are the pics of it on the 3ds

    Top Screen:

    Bottom Screen:

    If this is nothing please ignore, I am not the best with the 3DS flashcart scene but just decided to test the M3ds real cart on the 3DS and this si what I got. BUT if you never heard of this happening please let me know and I will open it and see what happens. Otherwise I do not want to to avoid a brick or whatever.