News: 3D In 3DS Optional

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    Not feeling the need for 3D? Nintendo's Satoru Iwata says you'll be able to flick it off!

    A quick piece of confirmation here from over at IGN, that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed the main attraction to Nintendo's upcoming handheld is only optional.

    Iwata has explained the glasses-free 3D function is not required to play games and can be removed if players prefer. We're still lacking confirmation on the exact method Nintendo's using to achieve the 3D effect, but this latest news brings up some interesting questions.

    If Nintendo come out and say the 3D aspect isn't vital, doesn't this present the image to gamers it is just a gimmick?


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    This goes here and all info about 3DS goes here.
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    Also, this was already posted in another topic in User Submitted News.
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    It's about time. I'm sick of Nintendo shoving a gimmick in our faces, forcing us to use it and copping a "you like the old way? To hell with you!" attitude with people who are content to press buttons on a controller.
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    They really dropped a steaming pile of shit on backwards compatibility by removing the slot 2 from the DSi that kinda pissed me off.
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    I don't think they had much choice given the unknown potential health effects of extend 3D viewing.

    On another note, if 3D gets big, maybe we can watch 3D movies on the 3DS instead of buying a 3DTV (Y).

    I wonder how far Nintendo will extend the media functionality of the 3DS from it's previous devices...

    Sorry, I just realized I'm digressing from the topic... forgive me.