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    Ive been using disks for about 2 years with little trouble. Over the Thanksgiving black friday sale I managed to get a 750 gig western digital passport and since have put about 60 wii iso's onto the problem.......sometimes they will just freeze 20 minutes or so into the game and in some instances (samurai warriors 3) I just cant figure out how to load them. Im loading them through neogamma and uloader.
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    If the games load and then freezes after a while it sounds like a spindown issue.
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    Spindown is a term I am not familiar with.............please elaborate
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    what cIOS versions are you using? ...spindown issues have been corrected some time ago.....

    spindown is a power saving tool which causes a powered HDD (plugged into a PC or Wii), to "go to sleep" when data is not being accessed....this can become an issue if the Wii doesn't go back to the HDD for additional data before this power save feature kicks in...this 'feature' is built into the HDD; some HDDs have software which allows you to turn it off or adjust the 'sleep timer' way out (like 60 minutes), however, others do coders' cIOS were also adjusted to send a data read signal to the HDD periodically to keep it from going to sleep....this was done back ~cIOSv10.....
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    Hello buddy.
    I hope I can help you with your issue.
    I am new at USB Loaders too, and I have the exact same hard drive you have.
    WD are GREAT, and actually our hard drive is listed as compatible in most forums.
    When I softmodded, I had no problems at all, everything went just fine.

    There is one issue with our specific hard drive (and I assume with most WD HDD) as explained above, the power saving option.

    I SoftModded my Wii like 2 weeks ago, and I been surfing around the web ever since then to try to fix my issue with USB Loaded Games, with 85% luck.

    To fix the issue with the hard drive going to sleep, you NEED to download WD Smartware from here: install it, got to drive settings -> hibernate (or sleep or power saving I do not remember the exact term) and change the default time to NEVER, that way you will be modifing the default sleep time for that HDD. Give it a try. It worked for me.

    Also, very important, apparetly the Wii tries to connect to the internet every "X" amount of minutes, and it may cause your USB games to freeze, so make sure to completely DELETE all your internet connections if using USB Loaded Games.

    On the other hand, to continue with the topic (hopefully someone can assist me), I am running on a 4.3U LU73Wii, FAT32 partition, games injected using Wii Partition Manager, USB Loader GX (+Wii FLow + ULoader + etc etc), and not all games are working.

    I am only using LEGAL backups that I personally made with CleanRip.

    Firts, I was having issue with my Mario Kart Wii game...
    When the following selection was made, the game used to get stuck:
    2 players game -> banana cup -> stage One = game used to freeze. Now, I do not know why, it is working like a charm.

    Now, here is my current issue (no matter what flavor of USB loader I use):

    The Michael Jackson Experience:
    Load the game, see the intro, and when the MJ standing on the tip of his feet logo appear, the game freezes, nothing happen if I unplug an plug the usb cable from Wii...
    Days ago it used lo load just fine, but it used to get stuck on Billie Jean (after I will say 2 minutes of gameplay). Now it wont even go to the main screen...

    WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011
    Game freezes after I win a match, or when I go to talk to a character (in history mode), so I have to unplugg the usb cable from the Wii, and plug it back again, after that the game comes back to life, but I have to keep doing that after every match.

    House of the Dead 2 & 3 return:
    If I try to play HOTD 2, it freezes, it seem to work fine with HOTD 3

    All of the above run great from the original dvd

    Games working 100% GREAT (again, LEGAL backups only)

    DK Country Returns
    Mario Party 8
    Tatsunoko vs Capcom

    I hope someone can help me with my issue.

    Big Ups to all the gbatemp community!

    P.D. I can post a SysCheck log if needed, maybe that will help someone to help me... :-)
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    I just completed the entire walkthrough on how to set up my Wii using 4.2U firmware. I want to know 2 things:

    1. Can I play burnt backups somehow using this method?
    2. How can I get my USB loader to work?

    I figured #1 isn't possible, so I went the USB loader route. I have a backup of an ISO of Donkey Kong Country Returns off the internet. I used the WiiBackup Manager to convert my ISO to a wbfs file that I assume I'm meant to place in the wbfs folder on my USB FAT32 formatted stick. On my stick, I also have:


    The USB Loader Setup file told me how to backup original Wii games, but not how to get the USB Loader to work It simply freezes with the giant controller logo on the screen. I tried going through the ModMii program and setting up UNEEK +DI I think it was called, and then placing it on my USB stick, but I'm not 100% sure how to use any of that.

    Can anyone help a nub out? And please, if you're going to tell me to look at a tutorial, I'd appreciate it if the answer I'm looking for is in there and you're not just trying to be an elitist jerk.

    This is kind of frustrating. I've been able to figure out how to basically hack anything from iPhones to PS2s-PS3/XBOX's but I can't seem to get this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.