New SD card won't load homebrew

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    Jan 27, 2017
    Hey I should start off by mentioning I am pretty new at all this. I followed Plailects guide to hack my O3DS the other day, everything was fine until I was playing Bravely Default and kept experiencing crashes at a certain point in the game. I tried deleting and copying the cia for it back onto the 3DS which didn't work to fix the problem so I downloaded a new copy of the game.

    During all this I must've removed the SD card too quickly and corrupted it. I was able to get all of my files off of the SD card onto my computer before it became unreadable on my laptop (was already unreadable on the 3DS, reverted back to the regular startup screen).

    I just bought a new SD card today and was told I could just copy the files I had taken off of the old card onto the new one. I did this and started up my 3DS but it was still on the default 3DS screen without the FBI, luma updater, etc. apps. I made sure to get the right SD card for 3DS's and have formatted it to 32 FAT.
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    Just because the computer successfully removed them doesn't mean its the correct size when you copied it to your computer.

    Bottom line, you'll have to re-install each game.
    I'm rooting that your saves are safe though.

    You can do so via browserhax.