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    k so my latest project as of late is putting my cwultima(FTA box)to good use as an nes anyone who has used this nes feture knows how crappy and cheap the controllers that come with it are. so my project after extensive reaserch has been to use the orginal nes pads or maybe even snes witch ever works i love both.

    so heres what ive found out so far

    nes and snes both run on 5 wire( though oddly have 7 holes[in nes is for accecories on snes has no purpase]) only difference being that one runs on 8bit and second one on 16bit to account for the extra buttons.
    these 5 wires are power,ground,data,latch, and clock
    through my research i found where each is located on the nes and snes pad so im good on that front.

    my problem is with the cheppo db9 pad in the cwultima through testing ive made a pinout that looks a lil like this.
    6789 front view looking into the holes

    1. red 5v
    5.yellow ground 5v
    7.while 216mv
    8.brown 3.3v

    so thats all i got locations and respective voltage for each what i need is labels can anyone give me labels

    and yes i have guesd that my 1 and 5 are my power and ground.