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    Apr 2, 2011
    Hi! I'm a newcomer here, pleased to be here, in greatest gaming community which has give me a lot of help before
    I decided join this site. I hope I can make a new friends here, and ask-find solutions about my gaming.

    For the main topic, It's about transferring pokemon from RS Platinum to R4 Black.
    I know this is ridiculous, since it's impossible manually.
    Futhermore, my Pokemon Black save file corrupted with strange unidentified eggs in my storage box if I open it with Pokegen
    Then copy-transfer my pokemon? Nein! It corrupted if I open the storage.
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    In my country It's impossible for me to obtain real DS game retails so often since the prices are atop the sky for just entertainment (but it's my life anyway).
    And truly, if I'm American or European, I would never using R4 and other hacks (they crossed my style about using real-deal items).
    So, I spoke in a request to find any solutions or programs that can break these problems.
    It might be a program that allows R4 starts with DS Download Play able to be activated.
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    Reminds me, looks like Pokefans all over the world would be screaming like this, in the same problem.
    So, please, help us!
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