NEW 3DS dated for US & Europe

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  1. shamzie

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    Mar 19, 2014
    Nintendo has officially announced the release date for the New Nintendo 3DS in the US and Europe.
    Both regions will be getting the new, updated version of the handheld on February 13, however the US will only be getting the larger XL version.

    Europe will also be getting the smaller, standard New 3DS, which allows players to attach custom faceplates to the handheld in order to personalise it.
    Both models of the New 3DS include a new second analogue stick and extra ZR and ZL shoulder buttons, essentially adding the functionality of a Circle Pad Pro add-on.
    It also reduces the 'ghosting' effect produced when the player moves their head away from the 3DS 'sweet spot' while playing in 3D, by using the handheld's camera to track the player's head and adjust the images accordingly.
    The system also supports NFC on the bottom screen, allowing Amiibo figures to be read without the need for another accessory.
    As well as coloured face buttons which hark back to the days of the SNES controller and a micro SD slot replacing the standard SD slot, the new 3DS also has a new CPU which leads to faster OS processing.

    Not long to wait now until we see what firmware this comes with, under a month infact. I held off importing in the end so it will be interesting to see what this comes with. Also theres a Nintendo Direct today for anybody interested in watching.

    EDIT: I did search for a thread before and couldn't find one but I have now so feel free to lock/do whatever with this, was just making people aware.
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