[NES] Looking for specific multi cartridge ROM

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Hey guys,

    Lately i was browsing around and on a different forum i came across a topic where people would discuss old NES games they used to play.
    (How much they enjoyed those times, or games where they had forgotten the name/title etc).
    After some reading and posting, it turned out i would really like to find one of the games/cartridges i used to play and decided to ask around here..

    What happened on the other forum was, i got on a short trip down memory lane... i used to have a modded NES back in the day (god i regret selling it now).
    When my dad took me to the guy who modded it, we also bought a Multicart game.

    If i am correct the multicart was a 360 games into 1 cartridge.
    What i do recall is that the main menu seemed to have a motorbike in wheelie pose to the side of it.

    On this cartridge there were tons of classic games, for example: Bomber man, Mighty bomb jack, Excite bike, Spy hunter, Dig dug.
    But also a lot of fairly unknown japanese platformers such as Karateka, Spelunker, Challenger and Thexder.

    I also recall the cartridge being a small yellow Famicom one, that came with a similar sized black adapter so it would fit into my PAL NES. [​IMG]
    Something like this:


    I can't really seem to figure out a link between all these fairly unknown platformers, but once you hit a few on Youtube...the suggested movie bar on the right seems to know exactly what you are looking for and starts showing them one after another. (here for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrwVBuo4lms, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rcnAOWnbJc).

    But anyway thats a little besides the point...

    I was really hoping if someone here knew the cartridge i was talking about or would know if there ever was a ROM dump made of it?
    Or perhaps know of a better place to ask about NES related games etc? (the only stuff i seem to hit on google are small, inactive communities).
    I've come across a few other multicart roms but they are limited, faulty and simply nowhere near the game offering of the one i am on about.

    Thanks in advance for any help and for reading this. [​IMG]