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    Oct 24, 2016
    I have been a self thought web developer for about 4 and 1/2 years. I started programming to become a softer ware engineer, however when i was in high school I tought i would get a head start on my career path. I looked up what language to take, I found that html and css was a good start I good submerged in it. I learned a lot in the field little did i realize that i went into the wrong path but i loved every second of it. I went down to vancouver to view schools my first choice was sfu. Sfu told me i didn't have the grades and that i should go to a commity collage.

    My second school i went to was vanarts they are a private school, however most of there students (85%) get a job before they complete the course. 92% of students who have takin a loan have payed there debts. There students have worked on Pixar, Disney, Marvel and so on. They offer a pathway degree in business, taking this pathway can lead to a batulars degree in business in about two years.

    My plan is i want to open a softer ware company, but because i cant just jump strait int software engineering i decided I want to start with a web development company. I can't get the experience because no company will even look at me seriously till i get a degree so i decided I wanted to try for vanarts then then business pathway. What makes things harder is that i have a disability and all my support workers and career consolors dont support what i am doing and are always down talking me and telling me were to go. Today told me that vanarts just has better marketing and that they could be just saying things to make a sell to me.

    Any advice would be nice I just need to know if there is a better solution in my chosen field of study