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  1. grifterb

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    Jun 1, 2013
    My friend went for an exchange program in Japan. He is going to bring in some 3DS XL's (they cost half the price there). I was wondering if you could answer some of my questions.

    1. Backwards compatibility means a lot to me. I know that 3DS is backwards compatible with DS titles (It's about 100% as far as I know). However many people complain about the blurriness due to the difference in resolution of both systems. Now If you have both the systems, could you tell me what do you think if you compare them?

    I know that there is an option to use a smaller portion of the screen but apperently it makes the screen even smaller than the original ds. Are there any alternative sizes for the active screen, or only two options?

    I'd rather have blown out pixels than a tiny screen, does it look really that bad? Is it really blurry? Because I will be playing a lot of DS titles, and for a long time only ds titles, since Gateway is not popular around here (gateway is the card that allows you to run 3DS roms) and I will be using a regular R4.

    2) This console will come from Japan, but as far as I know none of the cards have region locks and neither the 3DS itself. Will this cause any problems when running NTSC-U or PAL games? Will R4 or Gateway have any problems with this?

    3) Is there alternative language options for the NTSC-J console as well? Can I choose English or any other European Language?

    4) In order to be able to play DS or 3DS roms with R4 or Gateway, I think the 3DS should be on a specific firmware. Which firmwares are fine and which are not? Is there a tip like a code number or something that gives away the initial firmware of the device?

    Again, I'd really like to remind you that DS games are really important for me and I really care about the quality I will get from them.

    Please pm me or post here if you have any useful information oor advice.

    Any help will be much appreciated, thank you.
  2. misterb98

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    I hate having to disappoint you.

    First off, Ill tell you what you are right about:

    - 100% DS compatibility

    That's about it for correct information.

    Here is everything else:

    - Almost every 3DS title is region locked. Japanese systems can only play Japanese games (unless hacked)
    - The Original R4 doesn't support the 3ds XL, make sure your DS Flashcart is 3DS compatible.
    - There is no way to change the language on a Japanese system.

    Basically, you are going to NEED a v4.5 system (or older), because you are going to want to remove region locking, which cannot be done on firmwares higher than 4.5. There is a section in the wiki about serial numbers & 4.5 systems. Most 3ds's that are new and were discontinued in 2012 should be fine.

    Basically, make sure you have a 3ds-compatible ds flashcart, get gateway omega 2.2 firmware, and use classic mode. You won't be able to access the eShop, but at least you will be able to play US games!

    Classic mode basically allows you to play legit cartridges region-free instead of using the gateway cart, so no Gateway is required.
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