Need some help regarding rxtools and FBI

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    Apr 28, 2014
    Well, I followed the tutorial to a T, and got the "couldn't find h&s tmd/content" error when trying to install FBI on emunand. I have looked everywhere and found no solution to this issue. I have done everything all over again, and STILL nothing, I get the same issue regardless.

    So what I want to know. Is there a solution to this problem? If not, what are my other options to install a CIA manager like FBI without a Gateway?

    Also another unrelated question. Can I access eshop safely through emunand?

    Thanks in advance
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    Mar 20, 2015
    The simplest of the simplest solution, read the "readme" on fbi injector, or if you need the answer right now, extract FBI Injector to the rout of your SD, then, when you try to install FBI it will ask you about your region and version, which is either v0, v1026 and v02051, once you found your region and version, extract both fbi_inject.tmd and on the rout of the sd card, try to install it again, and there you go.

    P.D: If you are going to install cias, remember do the trick of "Import and Title" you know, the one where you go to the Nintendo 3ds carpet, access to a carpet with a lot of numbers until you can find someone who says "extdata", in that carpet (not extdata, the one outside of it) create a carpet called "dbs", and in that carpet, create two files in .db (You will create it with the Notepad program, and then try to change the native format txt to db) with the titles "import.db" and "title.db" since there are two carpets, one for the emunand, and the other one for the sysnand, do this at both emunand and sysnand, when you're done with it, go to configuration, 3ds management information, 3ds software and it will ask you to reset archives because some things, tell it that yes, and now you will have that part unlocked, you can now install cias on your 3DS, remember that for this part you'll need to do it after the installation of fbi.
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