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  1. kuroii

    OP kuroii Member

    Dec 8, 2016
    I haven't been using 3ds in almost a year. Recently got switch and saw that there was a ban that happened in Feb 2018. Have a couple of questions :

    1. Are region changed 3ds at higher risk of ban than normal 3ds with cfw? Can they detect that the 3ds sysnand or emunand is not the one that the console is supposed to be during updating since we are actually downloading from Nintendo CDN (and 11.8 includes an additional checker)?

    2. I have multiple emunand across 4 of my consoles. Is there a way to check how many emunand each of them has? I couldn't remember. But I had like kor Japanese etc emunands via region change on different consoles. Lol. If I'm not mistaken, the only way to check is to boot into emunand individually to see unless improvements have been made to emunand booting.

    I came up with some steps to check for emunand/ban. Would appreciate if someone could confirm my steps as I'm kinda rusty to 3ds now.

    - update b9s & luma.
    (Also can I do the replacing of files over ftp/wireless for n3ds? Would the process of copy/paste .firm files cause any possible brick?)
    - turn off house wifi
    - boot into emunand to check for existence by holding R/L and toggling from Luma settings
    - delete freeshop and themes
    - put legit UM cart into 3ds on whichever nand I want to update
    - boot into UM once (so Nintendo gets that title as last played)
    - turn on wifi and update system / UM
    - go to Friend list / eshop to check if banned

    3. I saw multiple people suggesting to keep my private seed (if unbanned) and use a public seed in the meantime to remain risk-free. How do I go about doing exactly that? The only page I could find was this: https://gbatemp.net/threads/all-3-methods-to-get-unbanned-from-recent-ban-wave.450679/ assuming method 3 is still working.

    Alternatively as I have 4 consoles I hope booting them up I will have at least one console not banned so I can use the seed for the remaining consoles. How should I extract my seed?

    4. Seems like updating to 11.8 is a must with the newer Nintendo updates server side. But does that open cfw users to risk that Nintendo can actually track our less than legitimate usage?
    Answers seem to point that they're only checking on download.

    5. So is Pokemon USUM update 1.2 really the reason for the Feb 2018 ban? Was there a conclusion?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Kubas_inko

    Kubas_inko "Something funny goes here."

    Feb 3, 2017
    Czech Republic
    1. Ninty still can't detect if you own a game (only if you are downloading unowned game). At least that's how I understand it... (can be totally wrong!!!)
    2. Can't help with that as EmuNAND us useless nowadays.
    3. Correct.
    5. No idea.
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