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    Start off by saying I plan on buying a 3ds for the sole intention of playing pirated games for the system. Was redirected here by a user from another forums. My question is in terms of hardware what do I need to buy for the 3ds to get this started? From what I have read so far on this forums

    I need

    Nintendo 3ds XL (Copyright 2012 firmware 4.5 or below)
    Micro SD (read on forum recommending class 10 microSD cards from sandisk)
    Flash Cart (Gateway 3ds)

    is there anything else I need to buy?

    Next question will I be able to play ds roms using the gateway 3ds?

    Last question, I have experience playing pirated games on my computer using demon software. My question is setting up playing pirated games just as easy? Hopefully it is pretty hard to brick a 3ds.
    If anyone can direct me to a beginners thread on this subject, I would be highly interested. Thanks for reading

    ps Hopefully right thread in right forums and hopefully I am breaking no rules on site lol
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    That's all you need. Although class 4 microsd works fine. Class 10 is overkill.
    And yes, Gateway comes with 2 cards. Blue card is used for loading exploit and can be used for ds games. Red card is for 3ds games.
    Drag and drop makes things easy enough?
    This should answer a lot of your questions
    Although the FAQ has some outdated information

    Welcome to the temp and please post any further questions in the above mentioned thread to avoid cluttering the forum with duplicate topics.
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    You also need a MicroSD USB Adapter or something similar to transfer the Roms from your computer to the MicroSD.

    You can play DS games using the Gateway's Blue Card.

    It's really easy to set up, there's a setup guide that comes with the Gateway and video's on Youtube with step by step instructions on how to set it up and use it. As far as I know, there have been no reported bricks on the latest Gateway firmware.
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    I too have a question, will a r4 card work with my ds? im asking cause for some reason the boot screen don't show up, my bro messed around with it, im curious tho cuz I don't got a clue, so if I use a r4 with a ds that has to have start and select held, will it work, thanks
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    No, a simple R4 won't work on a 3DS. You need a card that's compatible with the 3DS in DS mode, like the Supercard DS2.
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    Directly asking about piracy? Bold.
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    Cause at temp we're all tsunderes about piracy.
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    my dad works for nintendo.
    you are one month later "bro"....