Need Orginization Help. Recquesting Proffesional OCD Guys

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    I recently bought 2 new 16GB Class 10 MicroSD Cards. However I find these two Class 10's more fitting for my PSP than my current two 16GB Class 6's.

    So that means my Flashcart gets upgraded to the double digit GB status, and now I'm literally able to fit all/most of my collection of NDS games all on one card. The problem is that I won't play them all, but the fact that I now have a list of 200+ games on my flashcart and suddenly feel the need/want to catagorize them to a specific folder.

    Which is why I'm requesting suggestions for you experts onto what I should name certian folders. Obviously I don't need help with every category as I know what to call a sport game or a rhythm game, but the line is increasingly blured when entering the what was once RPG category, Adventure category, and 2D Platforming category.

    I'm unsure if I should qualify touch-based Kirby games as 2D platformers, but want to keep my 4 Kirby games bunched together. Don't know what to do about Castlevania, Away Shuffle Dungeon, Legend of Zeldas+Okamiden, Wario Ware and other mini-game based games like Clubhouse Games and Mario Party, but want to keep all my Marios together, Don't know what to put Ivy the Kiwi as or Elebits, or Steal Princess, or the Chase, or unique games like Touch detective, Professor Layton, Ghost Trick... etc...

    Anyone wanna mind providing me a list of Genres?

    I'd like it to be kept under 10 "generic" genres that which all games may follow under.
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    You could always refer to Gamespot's cruddy list of games as a guideline. It seems to organize these things by genre.