Need Help with Weird Symptons,When booting priiloader it had no visual

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    May 19, 2017
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    When i boot my console by holding reset,the TV shows no signal,but i could still control my controller(i memorized the priiloader menu so i could control without visual).

    But if i enter priiloader anywhere else but booting(like holding reset while in Wii System Menu),the priiloader menu shows perfectly fine(thats how i memorized it in the first place).

    How can i make it show through booting?

    My console is 4.0U a Korean version region changed to US

    PS:I Solved the problem by changing the theme to white instead of black(weird...)

    But here is another problem,every time i had GameCube Memory Card Plugged in,I can't Power my Wii,this does not happen before installing Priiloader.

    PS2:I plug memory card to slot A,everything works fine now(it was on slot B all the time and it works fine before installing priiloader)
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