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    Feb 14, 2017
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    I've looked through the tutorials and there's nothing for this, and I've bricked my input several times messing with some settings and had to delete the retroarch.cfg file so many times its getting silly, lol...anyway so here goes.

    2 Things trying to do so that I don't have to keep doing them every time I load up a core:

    1. Save controller button mappings per core (and per rom)
    So I have RA 1.3.6 and for most of the cores, the default button mapping are okay, but there are a few fighting games where I want to switch the buttons around. Sometimes I'd like to switch them in a different rom that's within the same core. Just a few examples:
    • Art of Fighting 3 - Neo core
    • Samurai Showdown - Neo core
    • Street Fighter 2 CE - MAME_37(2000) core
    • Street Fighter 2 Alpha - CPS2 core
    How to save button mappings (for both players) for each rom and for each core?

    2. Save video settings per core (and per rom)
    I really like the 4:3 look on the Neo Geo cores, but on alot of other cores I really like the 1:1 or even 16:15 look. How can I save the video settings for each rom or for the whole core? Some shooters fit better at different aspect ratios than fighters do, etc.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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