Need help with error 2 for a game ..

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    Mar 25, 2009
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    Hey guys,
    Love this site its great. I own a copy of madworld and love the game, but i have a little brother that tends to find games that i hide and smash them.....haha sucks i i am backing up most of the games i own in case he finds them. I backed up most of the games i own except mad world. I have a twilight hack hombrew channel wii....I downloaded the torrent and ran it and discovered a blue screen with error 2. After some research i looked how to patch the error file but didn't work. I have the back up channel....i was going to use the Custom I0S36 fix, so do i install the wad file then just run the game normally, any help would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]

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    oh yea its a north American wii