Need help upgrading R4.

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    edit: long story short, I got R4, don't know which one, works on O3DS but some roms don't work. Want to update kernel/firmware but can't find them.

    Hello, I just bought an R4 and i don't know which one as it doesn't have a sticker anymore. It looks exactly like this one :

    And it's black or dark grey.
    Inside is a 4Gb Micro SDHC. It has a kernel and many DS roms.
    Here are the kernel files. Windows says it's from 2009.
    _SYSTEM_ folder
    _DS_MENU.DAT file

    -This R4 works on a DSLite (tested)
    -When inserted on my O3DS XL 11.3 Luma, it shows the cartridge of "Danny Phantom Urban Jungle THQ"
    -It works on my O3DSXL 11.3 Luma WITHOUT NTR Launcher but some games won't work (black screens, white screens, can't pass Nintendo logo, etc)
    -It doesn't work on my O3DSXL 11.3 Luma WITH NTR Launcher.

    When it does work, it goes like this -> white screen, black screen, upper screen says "loading...", white screen, black screen, main menu.

    The main menu looks like this:
    -upper screen is a calendar, at the bottom right it says in red R4DSi French
    -bottom screen is at top R4 Revolution logo (dark green color), two pacman for games, two music note for multimedia, Apple Finder Logo for Slot-2.Bottom left says 1.33

    Does anyone have a clue on how I can upgrade my R4?

    I tried this :
    None of them boot. Only "Wood R4i V1.64" gives me infinite "Loading...". Everything else is just black screen. With and without NTR Launcher.
    Thank you.
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    The Temp
    You are not using the official R4 website for your firmware. Try I use this site and it works for my cart. However if your cart still doesn't work you may have gotten a cloned card.

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    EDIT: IF ITS an older R4 some roms will probably not work since the older r4's are not being update anymore. It your card doesn't say R4i 3DS than it's most likely older. So I would recommend buying a newer card to use on your 3ds.
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