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    Aug 29, 2014
    Hopefully, the title brings in some people that can freaking help me out here. I have been trying to set up retroarch to work with the citra emulator it has on it, have already 3ds game files on my pc, but the issue is that; it doesn't want to load any of the files, even the cci version that has been decrypted originally to work for the plain citra emulator that *used* to work properly on my pc. (now it doesn't because it's acting like a huge d*ck). now that i downloaded retroarch..i am super lost on how to set this thing up -like, what 3ds format file do i need?? to make it load 3ds games, anyway if anyone knows a good tutorial please link me to one or tell me..because i have been trying to look for one and none. Maybe i am searching it up wrong, but yeah. I do have 3ds files of my games because i noticed that retroarch possibly takes those types of files from the video that i saw.
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