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    Sep 16, 2016
    After 5 year's of releasing wii u
    i manged to but my hand on one console of 6 in Damasc-syria
    the console is in bad shape the wii freeze in the wii menu i can't get it start to know on witch version it is
    its a black wii 2012 europe edition 32gb/32go

    it's telling me to set the connection of WiFi and after that the system ask me for an update WHEN i go to cancel the update it freeze when it's going to the wii menu

    so what i should do is there any way to update it offline ?
    to see if the update can solve the freezing on the start
    or there is no need to try the console is braked ?

    the net is so bad here and i am using the 2m/s line
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