Need help, not sure what's wrong.

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by Jarlaxle, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Jan 7, 2013
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    It's not working and I'm not sure why. Here is the steps I took:

    1. Bought Supercard
    2. Bought Microsd Card
    3. Connected Microsd Card to the PC and formatted it.

    4. Downloaded and put the Latest EOS in the root folder
    A). When I did this I put the ds2boot.dat in the root and the folder _dstwo in the root. Should I of took the contents in the _dstwo folder and put that in the root as well with the ds2boot.dat?

    5. Downloaded the latest patch and put ndspatch.dat and savemode.dat into the _dstwo (EOS) folder and overwrote it.

    6. Downloaded and put the moonshell v2 plugin and placed it in the root with the .bmp and .ini folders in the eos folder.

    7. Downloaded some music and placed it in a root folder called Music

    8. Saved and Ejected the card, placed it in the cart and put it in the DSi and booted it up. I didn't get any special menu or anything. It just went to the normal place it does when you select a game. I didn't see a special option for supercard menu.

    Is there something special I am supposed to see or do in order to see the menu where I select games. Do you have to have games already on your microsd card for it to actually load up (because I just did music to test the moonshell)? I didn't do anything with the latest firmware, however because the specific instructions said nothing about it.

    EDIT - So I redid everything and didn't put in the moonshell and it worked, very odd. Perhaps I did something wrong the first time. I'll try to add the moonshell now and see if it works. I'll keep you updated.

    EDIT 2 - put the iplayer plugin in it and it detected the music so I think I'm golden. Sorry about this useless post but maybe it will help someone else out I guess.
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