Need help modifying 2 programs (source code included)

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by CosmoCortney, Feb 27, 2014.

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    I am sorry if it appears a bit rude.. But unfortunately I don't have enough programming knowledge, yet..
    The first tool un- and repacks .lz files from F-Zero GX. But it is unable to un- and repack .lz files from F-Zero AX. I get following error message: "\stream.d<46> : not enough data in stream

    here's the original program source:
    (its written in D)
    I think it can be fixed in a few minutes.

    The other tool is able to extract .gma and .tpl files from F-Zero GX/AX. But it can't repack them.. (the .tpl files can't be open with other .tpl modifiers)

    here's the program:
    (written in c++)

    tools are made by GameZelda.

    source codes are all included.

    (I'm also asking here because I think the creator of these tools stopped working on it)

    I'd be so thankful for any kind of help T_T
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