Need help: inserting data in code.bin

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  1. HiD

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    Sep 25, 2016
    So I've been working on undubbing SMT Soul Hackers, and released a first version.
    I had to edit some data in code.bin to replace a voice table made of offsets and sizes referring to a CWAV collection file.
    This worked out pretty well.
    However, the JPN version has more dubs than the US one (world map NPCs, ...).
    I can easily remap all that to the US rom, but it would mean generating a bigger voice table, thus inserting some data in code.bin.

    Although replacing data is totally fine, everything I've tried to insert data in code.bin breaks the game at boot time.

    I know there is a code.bin size reference exeheader.bin, but even playing around with that hasn't helped me much.

    I'd need some help figuring out how the data section is laid out in code.bin (it's basically an ELF), and if it's possible to extend this table without messing the program addressing.
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