Need help here , Please its for my brother

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    My brother bought a phone on craigslist , how long ago I dont know , so let me get to the point ...
    The phone has a custom rom , or atleast I believe it does ( thats why I am posting the pic )
    Here is the problem ,
    When I turn on the phone it hangs at the HTC BeatsAudio screen , I have googled and found how to boot to reset the phone ( thats the pic I'm showing ) but the factory reset doesnt work ...So I posted this pic in hopes that someone can help me . I have rooted my own phone , but I dont have the balls to load a custom rom yet lol ( yes I have read alot , but still no balls to do it )
    What I'm looking to do here , is get this phine up and running for him again abd I hope the pic can help you all . If it does , please link me to a step by step so I can fix his phone . Thanks for the help
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    Sep 14, 2011
    where's the pic?
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    From the sounds of things, (although without a picture or any real information, it's hard to be sure, especially with a custom ROM), it's an HTC phone. If so, holding volume down while powering on will probably get you into the bootloader. Seeing as you reckon it has a custom ROM, chances are the bootloader is unlocked, and so will have a "[UNLOCKED]" message at the top of the screen. It's also likely that a custom recovery menu has been installed, which should be accessible by scrolling down to "RECOVERY" (using volume buttons to scroll and power button to select). Assuming this is the case (if it's a custom recovery, it'll probably say something like "CWM", "ClockWork Mod" or "TWRP" somewhere on the recovery menu), all you need to do is download a ROM for the phone, put it on the SD card, and then from recovery first wipe everything (there should be a "wipe" or "format" option in the main recovery menu, and then a few options for what to wipe; wipe everything in turn) and then install the ROM.

    Obviously you need to know exactly what model the phone is so you can get a ROM for that phone (only a ROM for that phone will work with it).