Need help getting emulators to work.

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    So, I was bored today, decided I'd finally mod my Wii. I installed the Homebrew Channel and DVDX from Bannerbomb and I created a folder called 'apps' at the root of my SD card. I unzipped VBA-GX and SNES9x-GX into the apps folder. I created a 'roms' and 'saves' folder in each of them. I put roms and saves in both of those folders. Then I went to the Homebrew Channel and loaded up the emu, and I got the error message "Unable to locate a load device!" So I click on SD Card from the list of options and is says "SD card not found!" I know that my SD card is in the Wii, its formatted to FAT32. I've got an SDHC - 4, 8GB by PNY.
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    Sep 16, 2009
    In apps, you should put the boot.dol, meta.xml, and the icon.png
    Roms should be put in the folders in root of card.

    i will use Snes9xGX as an example.

    sd:apps/snes9x - boot.dol, meta.xml and icon.png
    sd:snes9x/roms - put roms here