Need help from somebody in Netherlands

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    Mar 4, 2006
    A few months ago I moved from the United States to Europe and I took with me my old consoles, included an NTSC N64 in mint conditions
    My brother ( who leaves in the Netherlands ) begged me to have it 'cause he like to play old games too, so I gave it to him, but before I could explain to him that he needed an AC adapter ( 110v to 220v ) he plugged it in know what happend, he fried the N64 power adapter...( hopefully that's the only damage ) .

    Now I'm trying to purchase online a PAL N64 power supply, so in theory he should be able to simply switch the adapter and should be all set to go.
    However I looked everywhere online and I could only find a universal N64 adapter, but it still comes with a US plug.

    Are there any reputable online shop , possibly in the Netherlands or nearby ( so that I could have it just shipped to him ) that could carry such an article ? I did a search in English but I' m sure if I did that in Dutch I could get better results ...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !