Need help export/import save gateway/JKSV "error opening save archive"

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    Following this:

    So i had a few games to convert from 3ds to cia in the gateway to Cfw transfer.

    Luigi mansion
    Pokemon X
    Pokemon Omega ruby
    Fire emblem
    Resident evil revelation

    Made new game and saves for all games.

    Did the CTRexplorer thing and renamed same and pasted in root.
    Worked for all games, meaning i could see the save when starting game.

    But for resident evil I get the "error opening save archive" error in JKSV?

    Any idea?

    Btw i exporeted my cia save i made, with resident evil, i can see it if i go to sd/cia.
    Even made another savegame from the gateway cart game. (btw it didnt show the save i made from the cia.. so that is perculiair..)
    Both are EU version i think. JKSV says: CTR-ABRP which is EU. and when opening the gateway rom with 3dsexplorer it says EU... so yeah.
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